Helpful Hints
  Preparation is important. The best shoots are ones where you feel rested and fresh. Tan lines should be kept to a minimum. Remember that it can take a fresh haircut a week or more to grow out. Fingernails should be painted in a neutral color that doesn’t detract from clothing.

 A relaxed environment is key
A relaxing environment is essential to a good photo session. Feel free to bring your own music or choose something from the extensive collection at my studio. Some people like to bring a trusted friend along for support. Bring anything that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

 Every good look you can come up with improves your marketability
  Multiple clothing changes show your versatility. Consider simple clothing for close-up headshots that doesn’t distract from your face. For full-length shots, try to vary your look. Consider eveningwear, business-attire, casual outfits, and swimsuits. Try to bring some clothes that are classic, timeless, and simple in addition to outfits that reflect current fashion trends. Simple jewelry is preferred, such as diamond or pearl studs.

Among the different types of photos we can do are:

Beauty - Close-up full face shots or head and shoulders. These photos require meticulous make-up and retouching. This is what you typically see on fashion magazine covers.

Commercial - These images are used by advertisers to sell clothing, cosmetics, or other products. Swimsuit - We can shoot swimsuit photos in the studio against a backdrop, or, weather permitting, on the roof or in Madison Square Park.

Fashion - Fashion photography is used by designers in advertising. For this type of photo, think of current fashion trends or looks that capture a particular moment in time, such as a 60s look. Clean, solid colors are best. Avoid aggressive prints.

Editorial - In editorial photos, we can push the edges and feel free to be more creative. This is where your imagination really comes into play, so choose clothing that shows your versatility.
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